Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital

16119 Stuebner Airline Dr
Spring, TX 77379



Whether it is for a short holiday weekend, or a week long family vacation, let our professional staff pamper your pet while you are away. Pets are stay in private runs or kennels, with family members boarding together provided they play nicely. Our cat condos are situated well away from our dog ward to maintain a peaceful environment. Please feel free to ask for tours of our facilities to ensure you feel comfortable leaving your pets with us.

Vaccine Requirements

Rabies - given every 12 months or 36 months depending on last two rabies vaccination dates
DA2PP - Canine distemper and parvo vaccination, given every 3 years after one year of age
Bordetella - aka kennel cough, intranasal, given every 12 months
Leptospirosis - optional for boarding, given every 12 months after initial set of two boosters

Rabies - given every 12 months, when using the non-adjuvanted vaccine
FCRVP - aka Feline distemper vaccine, given every 3 years after one year of age
FeLV - optional for boarding, given every 3 years after one year of age

Vaccine boosters can be administered by either the staff of Champions or Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospitals while your pet is staying with us.